Software Consulting

I help people build better software by improving their development practices, tooling, or code itself.

Send me an email at consult@arjoonn.com to talk about anything you want to get done. The first hour is free and the rest are billed weekly.

In the past, my work has been about improving the development cycle of existing teams, building MVPs for companies when they do not have the time/expertise to build it in-house, and code migrations to more easily maintainable tech stacks.


Early on in the consultation, Arjoonn helped us set up our CI/CD system and dev workflow which freed up a lot of developer time and led to faster testing cycles. Later on he helped us create a mobile application for our desktop software by functioning as an architect for the project.

Arjoonn is an intellectual, innovative, and hardworking person. We worked together on a project that involved 'cutting-edge technology' where he showed his prowess and skill. He was the architect of the project, gave key information to developers, and assisted in the overall packaging of the product. He is a problem solver, finding solutions as when an issue presents itself. I consider him apt at understanding and implementing not just technological requirements but also business requirements as well. Wishing him all the best in his career.